When can I order?

Right now. Orders are always open. Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates on what we are baking each day and notification when new products are released. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

I try to get your orders out as soon as possible. Most orders will be received within 7 days of being placed. We try to get your order out to you as soon as possible but we prioritize quality over speed. I have a full time job, so am only able to do certain items which take considerable time and process (such as cinnamon and orange rolls) on weekends. Once your order is placed I should be able to give you a good sense of timeline. 

Gluten-free orders tend to take longer because I do them on different days from regular orders to reduce risk of cross-contamination. 

How quickly will I receive my item after it's been baked?

I'm all about freshness, so all orders are shipped Priority mail (2-3 days). Most orders will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday. 

Where do you ship?

We ship across the US for a $15 flat fee on most orders. Extra-large orders are $20. These rates will be assigned at shipping. 

We hate these costs and wish we had MePowered pigeons to deliver your treats to you for free. Alas...

Our products freeze really well, so we encourage you to buy more in each order to save on shipping. 

We also ship to Canada, but shipping fee is determined at checkout.


I wanted an item but it says it's "out of stock." What do I do? 

Ugh, I wish I could be the fairy pastry godmother and get everyone everything they want when they want it but I'm one human and never want to sacrifice quality for quantity. I've set product quantities based on the amounts I think I can make within a given time period and still keep quality up to my very high standards. If something is sold out and you can’t imagine living without it you can place a special order. DM me on Instagram to make that happen!

I need something for a special event, do you do special orders?

You bet I do! I love special orders and not only will I make sure it gets to you on the timeline needed, but I'll also work with you to customize to your heart's desire. Please give me a heads-up on special orders as far in advance as possible to make sure we can get your MePower deliciousness when you need it. 

How should I care for my Pastries?

We recommend you devour them with in three days of receiving. But all treats freeze REALLY well. So if you don't plan on eating them right away, freeze them as soon as you receive. Then heat up and enjoy. (Or some treats, like whoopie pies, are really good frozen!)

See detailed care instructions HERE. 

What are the macros for your products? 

You can see full list of macros for each product here. Please check this with each order since I update it based on changes made to recipes. 

Do you offer gluten-free products?

You bet we do. On each product that's offered in a gluten-free version you'll see that option in the dropdown of the product page. 

Do you offer dairy-free and/or vegan products?

If a dairy-free or vegan option is offered you'll see it on the drop down on the product page. If you don't see that option but would like to place a special order then email me at petropoweredpastries@gmail.com and let's see what we can do. I really want to be able to accommodate all food selection needs, but can't yet offer it regularly on every product. But I'll work with you to make something great. EVERYONE deserves PetroPower...no matter what your food requirements.