Anabolic Cinnamon Rolls


These cinnamon rolls so delicious they are downright anabolic. So bicep curl these beauties right into your mouth. 

Training done. 


  • Classic: A cinnamon roll you can count on
  • Caramel Pecan: Our most requested type of cinnamon roll. Gooey, cinnamony goodness with homemade caramel. Heavy on the caramel. NSFW.

Now available: Extra Icing! Classic cinnamon rolls are covered in a lovely icing glaze. They ship better and stay fresh longer this way. If you like your icing with a side of cinnamon roll you can buy an extra package of a thicker frosting to use as you will (or eat straight, we won't tell).

**Gluten-free products are not yet certified. Certification in process. All products made with gluten-free ingredients.