KidPowered DIY Boxes


Baking made simple for you and your mini-chefs!

 Complete monthly baking kits for ready-made activities and delicious results.   Get the ingredients, the instructions, our tested recipes (many the same ones we use for our ready-made pastries), as well as special tips for success.


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Some of my most fun and lasting memories as a child are of baking with my parents. In fact, it is from this early childhood love that PetroPowered Pastries really developed. 

Now as a mom, I am loving baking with Sofia. Even though she is young, it is such a fun activity for her and I to share AND exceptional for her mental and physical development on so many levels. 

But being a parent is a constant fight to have enough time, which is why I wanted to create KidPowered Pastries to make it easy to enjoy these fun baking experiments with your own kids. 

Each month we put together a box complete with recipe, ingredients (you'll need to fill in a few blanks with common items like milk and eggs), educational facts, stats, and trivia, AND we will connect it all to Maine Early Learning Guidelines.

Maine Early Learning Guidelines are used by educators for age 3 to K-2 as a guidelines to help set goals and improve practice when it comes to a child’s development. There are eight different content areas; Social and emotional development, approaches to learning, creative arts, early language and literacy, reading standards for literature, physical development and health, math, and science.

On our info cards provided in each box includes a description card of the eight content areas, a brief description of how each content area connects to our cooking activity of the month, and a color key to indicate where these content areas are connecting to the activity. 

Let's bake!