Who we are?

Give me a locally-fueled, small batch, made from scratch bakery…but make it for KIDS!

There, that’s better.

We are a kid-focused bakery and learning studio.

We empower kids to grow, create, learn, and connect through the magic of baking.

We make delicious things for kids (and adults) to enjoy every day and for special occasions.

We create fun events, birthday parties, and opportunities for community connection.

We empower our community by focusing on local ingredients, sustainable practices, family fun, and donation bake sales.

Who am I? 

I'm just a girl...with a rolling pin...asking you to love me. 

Hi! My name is Laura Petrolino. I'm the "power" behind MePowered Pastries. 

I grew up baking. Between endless hours baking with my amazing and talented mother, to baking "bootcamps" when my great Italian aunts came into town, it was a significant part of my childhood. 

And then as an adult I got nerdy about it. I love the art and science of baking. I love understanding how and why things work or don't work and adapting recipes to fit. And being Italian it's in my DNA to make people delicious food. And a lot of it. Let me feeeeed you. 

What’s our goal?

To bring together families, friends, and our community through making and sharing delicious creations.